Monday, August 31, 2015

Thelma Todd And Buster Keaton Photo

From the Thelma Todd page on facebook.

Thelma Todd & Buster Keaton for Speak Easily (1932).


Bowery Boys Documentary

Work is underway on a new documentary about the Bowery Boys.

From Paul Castiglia on facebook:

Pat talking about Huntz Hall for the Bowery Boys documentary.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poster For Hal Roach's 20th Anniversary

Poster celebrating Hal Roach's 20th anniversary in movies.

They made Thelma Todd look pretty, but Patsy Kelly is green, and everbody else is funny-looking.


Hal Roach 20th Anniversary Radio Broadcast

Dec. 12, 1933. VARIETY article on the celebration.


Roach's 20th Anniversary

In 1933 Hal Roach celebrated his 20th anniversary.

Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Hal Roach, and Stan Laurel with cake.


08-12-1933- OliverHardy with Marguerite ( Mrs. Hal ) Roach and ThelmaTodd at 20th anniversary party

Looks like Thelma Todd is making a face.