Friday, October 24, 2014

Fan Dancer Series Photo

Another photo from Thelma Todd's early days at Paramount, this is one of the fan dancer series taken by George P. Hommel.


Autographed Shoe

Thelma Todd from her early days at Paramount, with a shoe that has been autographed by stars such as Clara Bow, James Hall, Esther Ralston and Richard Dix

Since no shoe is visible on her foot, the implication is that it is her shoe and that she has been wearing it.

Clara Bow:

Richard Dix:

James Hall:

Esther Ralston:


Thelma Todd Photo By Hommel

Soft-focus photo of Thelma Todd by George P. Hommel, taken in the 1920's.



Wednesday, October 22, 2014


VAMPING VENUS was a fantasy where the principles started out in the modern era and then found themselves in ancient Greece in a dream sequence. This publicity picture shows Thelma Todd with a measuring tape around her neck because it is part of a publicity campaign which compared her measurements to those of an ancient Greek statue of Venus.

Again we see where a preexisting picture of Thelma Todd had her name crossed off the back and replaced with "Alison Lloyd" because she used that name in CORSAIR, only to have that name crossed out in turn to be replaced by the original.