Wednesday, October 22, 2014


VAMPING VENUS was a fantasy where the principles started out in the modern era and then found themselves in ancient Greece in a dream sequence. This publicity picture shows Thelma Todd with a measuring tape around her neck because it is part of a publicity campaign which compared her measurements to those of an ancient Greek statue of Venus.

Again we see where a preexisting picture of Thelma Todd had her name crossed off the back and replaced with "Alison Lloyd" because she used that name in CORSAIR, only to have that name crossed out in turn to be replaced by the original.


Thelma Todd Publicity Items

Some clippings from The Laurel and Hardy Archive on facebook. Some of them look familiar, some of them don't. They're all interesting.

                                             Item from PICTURE SHOW, July 8, 1933.

Fresh from Paramount's acting school in the silent era.

Thelma Todd was confused with Lola Todd in this item.

Thelma Todd at First National ( later Warner Brothers ).




A prohibition era item for SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN.


                                  To be, or not to be, dramatic - that is the question.

                                             Goldilocks and the three little piggies.


One of the two-reelers, LOOK OUT BELOW, was a Jack White comedy filmed at Educatrional.

                                          In front of the Brown Derby with Ivan Lebedeff.

Marriage announcement
With Harry Langdon at the Roach studio. 

                                  RED HOT was a working title for HOTTER THAN HOT.

                                                             Thelma with a little dog.

                                               Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts with a giant.

                                           Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly with some cards.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lola Todd And Thelma Todd

Lola Todd said she changed her name to "Carol Mason" in order to avoid confusion with Thelma Todd. Here is an item that mentions this ( Lola Todd may be seen at lower right ).

PICTURE PLAY Magazine, 1929

Here is an item that mistakenly called Thelma Todd "Lola Todd" .

So it did happen.


Monday, October 20, 2014


BOTTOMS UP was produced by Fox before they became 20th Century Fox.

 The 1934 Fox pre-code comedy / musical film, BOTTOMS UP starred Spencer Tracy, Pat Paterson, John Boles, Sid Silvers, Herbert Mundin, Harry Green, Thelma Todd, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Dell Henderson, Suzanne Kaaren, Douglas Wood, Lucille Ball, Lynn Bari, June Gale, Barbara Pepper and Mariska Aldrich. The film was directed by David Butler. The photo features a great shot of Pat Paterson hugging Thelma Todd as John Boles waits beside a microphone.



CHEATING BLONDES was one of Thelma Todd's dramatic films.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Walt Disney With Laurel And Hardy, Hal Roach

This photo was posted by Jorge Finkielman on facebook.

From the left; Stan Laurel, Walt Disney, Hal Roach, and Oliver Hardy.

Randy Skretvedt:
"This is at the Hal Roach Studios' 20th anniversary party, held on the lot on December 7, 1933."


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thelma Todd by Jeanette Meehan Part II

The second of two articles by Jeanette Meehan. This one is also from the Williamsport Gazette, from Dec. 27, 1935.



Upton Sinclair Epic Movement: